Our Integrated WorkFlow Process is the Ultimate Benefit to our Customers.

Service Without Compromise

We see ourselves as an extension of our customerís production requirements. Consistent and timely communication is one of our essential core principles. Itís what setís us apart from our competitors.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Execution of confidentially agreements.
  • Assistance in submittal of drawings in electronic format to qualified vendors.
  • Interpretation of drawings to confirm an understanding of specifications and quality requirements.
  • Strategically located East/West partners with both low cost and proximity to our customers.
  • Facilitation of communication with our Mexican vendors, overcoming language barriers.
  • Develop and monitor project management schedules.
  • Importation of US manufactured raw materials, either by MBS Fabrications or the customer, duty free, into Mexico, resulting in lower cost Mexican-sourced fabrications than ones directly sourced by Mexican fabricators.
  • Lower fabrication costs: labor rates from 25% to 80% lower than comparable quality in the United States.