Let the MBS Fabrications advantage work for you.

Why MBS? Why Not Do It Yourself?

Our ability to synchronize the entire fulfillment cycle brings new meaning to the way in which the business of Fabrication is completed. Our Integrated WorkFlow Process is the ultimate benefit to our customers: It means that you receive the highest quality product, with the greatest flexibility, at the best rate possible, without exception.

How are we are able to deliver such value?

  • Our management team has over 20+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Our Procurement Engineers are experienced in all phases of estimating, engineering, fabrication, assembly and testing.
  • With a fresh perspective, we find the hidden costs in your product to reduce your overall manufacturing costs.

To ensure that our "Fabrications" result in cost-effective solutions that conform to our customer's specifications, we control those elements that are essential to success, and outsource the rest to our "partners". This allows us to maintain a close channel of communication while continuously monitoring the progress.

To ensure all of our projects are brought to a successful conclusion, MBS Fabrications policy is to create the project "blueprint" during the proposal process, prior to its commencement. All projects must go through this rigorous analysis and the results are presented to you, our customer, upfront. Our policy of communication demands it.

The MBS Fabrications business model is based upon establishing fabrication relationships with a few select "partners", insuring a continuous supply of low cost manufacturing capacity. These "partners" are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Experienced management staffs that know their business well.
  • Established quality control systems conforming to industry standards such as ASME, ISO 9001, and NEMA.
  • Lean management structure.
  • Lower manufacturing overhead.
  • Strategic East/West locations resulting in lower shipping cost savings.
  • Lower fabrication overhead costs.
  • Lower labor rates (25% to 80% lower than expected comparable quality US rates).

Our team of Engineering and Fabrication Partners has one mission: to make the most of your procurement dollars.